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Homeschool Services

Providing support to homeschool parents new or experienced. 

Tutoring across the disciplines


The supreme task of education --- the cultivation of the human spirit: to teach the young to know what is good, to serve it above self, to reproduce it, and to recognize that in knowledge lies this responsibility.  -David Hicks, Norms and Nobility


While this business is new, I am not new to the home-school, nor tutoring world. Here are some comments from other home-school parents and tutoring clients.

Ms. Cherry is an amazing teacher!  She is firm in her expectations for attention, but she is also very fun and rewards us with See's lollipops. She loves writing and wants to help us understand and get better. I could not write very well before Ms. Cherry taught me.  She helps me by encouraging us to go up to the board to demonstrate the concepts we are learning, and she walks us through the things we don't understand step by step.  Even though this is my first year, I can already write papers that are more interesting and exciting to read.  Ms. Cherry is a perfect teacher!       -Hannah

Lisa, Dina's mom

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